Elder Zachary Roque

Elder Zachary Roque
Morristown New Jersey Mission

Monday, February 8, 2010

The work in progressing

We have 3 baptisms scheduled; the family preparing for baptism is the Garner's.They have committed to live the word of wisdom and could use prayers on their behalf. They are really seeing blessings but still could use your prayers.

This past week has been really stressful. Although we had two baptisms it was straining. We went to fill the font on Saturday night only to find out there was a leak. We decided to do it at another church building on Sunday. However, Sunday morning on our way to church we got a call from the other ward and found out there was a shooting and the only road to the church was blocked off. With some scheduling changes, everything went as planned and we were still able to hold the baptism!

It is still FREEZING!!! this weekend it was in the single digits. All is well are mission is actually expanding. We are taking over part of the other New Jersey mission. We have been really focusing on member missionary work lately. We started a new program, and everyone is really getting excited about spreading the gospel. We GOT T-SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!! Its Awesome! The work is going really well. We have a baptism on the 14th her name is Emily Simmons, she is the daughter of Jennifer Garner who was baptized on the 31st.

Transfers are on the 16th, I should know Sunday evening if I'll be transferred. I'll keep you updated. In July are mission is expanding; the Cherry Hill mission is being dissolved and we are splitting it with Philadelphia mission. The new addition to the mission will give us all added opportunities to share the gospel and serve the good people of New Jersey.

I understand that Devynne (Mark & Heather's youngest daughter) is going to be baptized this month. That's great! And even better yet, I hear that Sam is going to perform the ordinance. I wish I could be there with everyone, but I am where the Lord wants me to be. My thoughts and prayers will be with everyone on that special day.

Love you all,

Elder Roque