Elder Zachary Roque

Elder Zachary Roque
Morristown New Jersey Mission

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Transfer

Hello all,

I was transferred this week, and my new area is VERY different than my last area. I am in North Newark "walking". Yes, no car and no bicycle. It's wintertime and cold and snowy and we walk and walk and walk. (Sounds like a primary song...) The area is rough, many call it the "ghetto" of the mission. I was a little nerve racking the first night, but I find I like it here.

I guess I shouldn't worry, because I'm part of the "GOD SQUAD". At least that is what the local gang members call us. Not only did they give us a name of which I quite like, they have offered us protection. Go figure. Needless to say, with the protection of the spirit, and the gang members, no worries.

My new companion Elder Warner is great! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with (2) dinner appointments, and lots of left overs. I do miss Dad's ribs though. Mom wrote that he smoked 50 pounds of ribs for their meal in Las Vegas!

Elder Warner and I probably walked over 20 miles this week. Immediately after coming into the area, the branch president asked me to speak in sacrament meeting; I think it went well.

We also committed 6 people to baptismal dates. We are working hard and really feel blessed. Although the area is rough, I am adjusting an love it. I am so thankful for the blessings in my life and for all that I have. It's easy to take the comforts of life for granted until you see others living without them.

Here's hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and is truly thankful for the blessings they receive.

Elder Roque

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  1. HAHA!! I love that the local gang offers the missionaries protection!! LOVE IT!!