Elder Zachary Roque

Elder Zachary Roque
Morristown New Jersey Mission

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The work continues

Hi all, I mm staying in Newark for at least one more transfer. It has been really amazing to see the branch I serve in has grown so much. When first arrived there were only 40 people coming to church now there are over 90 attending on a regularly, the Lord is really blessing the people here.

Recently, Elder Stettler and I were walking down the street and a black SUV drove up and the back passanger window started to come down. A little scary considering the gang activity. A man poked his head out and called us over. He then told us he was the mayor of Newark and he loved the job were doing for the city. It was cool to receive a compliment from someone in government who isn't a member of our church. It just goes to show that we need to follow the Savior and be a good example to those around us.

Elder stettler and I have really been blessed to find new people to teach. We are working hard and having fun while doing it. I have learned so much about the gospel and especially the atonement of Jesus Christ. I spoke in church yesterday and spoke on the atonement. I felt the spirit so strongly as I testified of the divinity of the Savior and his sacrifices for use, and everyone told me it was exactly what they needed. It was amazing how the words just came out. I feel this experience has helped me grow close to my Savior; it is amazing to feel of his love in my life.

We almost got jumped by someone the other day. He was screaming and yelling and came at us, but one of his friends called out those are men of God, Are you crazy?! We are teaching a wonderful young woman name Ayesha, she has an adorable son named Isaiah. We have been trying to do a lot of less active work and bring people back to church. Many missionaries learn languages on their missions, but the greatest language you could ever learn is the language of the spirit. I know that it is only through the spirit that others will feel the truthfulness of gospel of Jesus Christ.


  1. WOW - what experiences he is having on his mission. Bret and I love reading about them. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is why Zach is my favorite! What a great missionary.