Elder Zachary Roque

Elder Zachary Roque
Morristown New Jersey Mission

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful.  Ivan did his homework, and helped the kids with a present for me. I received a Barnes and Noble "NOOK" e-reader.  So cool!  I know that it probably annoys my family when I fall into a book and read non-stop, but I truly LOVE to read. One problem; my aging eyes cause me to make some rather unflattering faces when trying to read the rather tiny print in many books.  This in turn causes loud laughter, and what can unequivocally be termed "evil speaking" directed at my rather funny faces. I suppose I should be thankful that I make them laugh.  At any rate, the nook allows me to increase the size of the font of any book that I download, so, I hoping that loud laughter will be a thing of the past.  (At least at my expense!)

I do have to say though that the icing on the cake was speaking with Zach on the phone. It's amazing to hear the change in his voice.  He is truly enjoying his time in New Jersey,and loves those he has been called to serve.  He has grown both spiritually and temporally.  The mission experience has given him the opportunity to view the world through truly unselfish eyes.  This time has been set aside to serve the Lord and those in the communities he labors in.

I know that these two years, although a sacrifice when it comes to education and other desires; will prepare Zach more effectively than if he had chosen not to serve.  The experiences he is having now cannot be replicated at any other time in his life.  The joy in his voice when he shared recent experiences warmed my heart.

Zach was transferred the Wednesday following Mother's Day to a new city called Bayonne. It looks like it is just across the water from Newark.  He is still in a walking area, and has lost about 20 pounds. I am thinking that he possibly might lose more weight as the summer is upon the Jersey Shore.  Zach says it is hot, hot, hot and very sticky.  So, from extreme cold to extreme humid heat. GOOD TIMES!

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